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Announcing Pony Mode – a Django editing mode for Emacs

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I’m pleased to announce the first beta ‘release’ of Pony Mode, a minor mode for working on Django projects in Emacs.

This mode provides integration with the django management commands within emacs, as well as test integration, a minor-mode with syntax highlighting for editing templates, will determine whether you are using Fabric or Buildout, as well as much more!

This mode is under active development, so please file any bugs at the Github page, and feel free to provide any feedback/feature requests etc.

Current features include:

  • Run dev server in an emacs buffer [C-c C-p r]
  • * Checks to see if runserver_plus is available
  • * If not uses in-built runserver
  • Jump to current project in browser (start server if required) [C-c C-p b]
  • Run test case at point in buffer [C-c C-p t]
  • Run tests for current app in buffer [C-c C-p t]
  • Run Syncdb on current project
  • Management commands for current project in interactive buffer
  • South integration – run south convert, schemamigration, migrate
  • Run django shell in buffer [C-c C-p s]
  • * Checks for shell_plus
  • * If not defaults to shell
  • Fabric integration [C-c C-p f]
  • Startapp and dumpdata on current project within emacs
  • Database integration with Emacs sql-mode interactive buffer [C-c C-c d
  • Django Template minor mode with syntax highlighting for django
  • template tags

  • Snippet collection for django
  • generate tags table for project
  • run manage commands in interactive buffer
  • Buildout integration
  • Generate TAGS table for project to enable quick navigation
  • Jump to template at point or from editing view [C-c C-p g t]

Grab it while it’s hot!