Quote: Karl Popper

If you know that things are bound to happen whatever you do, then you may feel free to give up the fight against them. You may, more especially, give up the attempt to control those things which most people agree to be social evils, such as war; or to mention a smaller but nevertheless important thing, the tyranny of the petty official.

PopperThe Open Society and Its Enemies



There is a tragic flaw with our precious “democracy”, and this is it:

Only lunatics want to be politicians”

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.

– Tom Waits

Which is a wonderful thought enough for this time of day, moreover & however take good care of the following video, in which Mr Tom Waits explores issues close to all of us, explaining the meaning of the word/acronym/god PEHDTSCKJMBA for those of you who are yet to become acquainted, in one of the finest press conferences you are likely to see in the next ten minutes: