The Well 2010

Basically, the political class is waiting for the civil population to come back to the church of the free market and get over the fact that its cardinals walk in public with no clothes on.

You’re starting to see weird forms of acting-out, neurotic displacement activities. Fetishes, even. Sarah Palin, for instance. I could go on about that woman every day. And so can everybody else, which is why they do.

Genocide has much more proven shelf-appeal than any of these hokum Rube Goldberg geo-schemes. It’s by no means easy to kill off half of everybody, but we’ve already invented a wide variety of ingenious ways to attempt that, and almost all of ’em are much simpler, more rugged and more plausible than putting the North Pole under a tinfoil hat.

Bruce Sterling’s State of the World 2010

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    check out the previous year

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