short stories,

long sentences

Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful Hjalmar Söderberg whose collection of short stories has consumed the last day of my life.

There are people who are not exactly devoid of conscience, but who have never by themselves come upon the idea that they might have done something wrong.

The two old ladies stop in front of the bronze group and exchange their thoughts about the work of art; I cannot hear what they are saying, but I see from the shaking of heads and from the violent waving of the dark green parasols in the air that they are regarding the matter from the point of view of morality rather than aesthetics, and that their verdict is unfavourable.

There is wisdom and wisdom. The wise men of old will always remain the wisest of all. But there will come a time when any fool can do a number of things which the wise men of old considered impossible. Tricks and trifles of no special importance. But what is it that you want of me?

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  1. Erropytrodo says:

    Опять таки побочная проблема) Врят ли она кому то мешает, мне например как то пофиг

    • Mayank says:

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    • Lolly says:

      salut ! as fi tentat sa subscriu la ipoteza din PS ( in leg cu tender). dar sa ne gandim logic : cine e ponta mo1audli&#82n7; ca sa poata introduce pe cineva undeva ? )) daca l comparam pe ponta cu tender mai degraba tender l-ar putea introduce sa-i faca vreo legatura pe undeva. nu mai amintesc de frank timis ( sau cum i o zice) .cu ponta avocat lui tender i-a mers prost,mai bine i-a mers cu niste prieteni buni ( nu le dau numele ca-i stii ).

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  7. Hallie says:

    I would love to second the nomination for Ellie at Lupc.sseemom. Her blogs are great, her pictures make me ache and her podcast is required listening to me whenever a new one is published.

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